Whirli: Out of the mouth of Beans

Beans is a most verbal child, and although I love that he has been able to converse with me since before he was a year old I haven’t always liked what he has to say.
But some of it sure makes me laugh. (I have to laugh, right? Because otherwise, I might … well, you know.)
For instance, when I was pregnant with Tallulah, he wanted to know why my tummy was so big. I went through all the usual explanations – your baby sister is growing in there, yada yada.
So, I suppose it stands to reason that when we brought little Lulah home, he would want to know: “Mama, why is your tummy still big?”
Beans is a problem solver by nature, and he worked through various explanations on his own.
“Are we having another baby?” he first wanted to know.
I told him we weren’t, and he expressed disappointment – if there was another one, after all, it could be a boy.
Breastfeeding spurred surprisingly few questions from my boy. He doesn’t remember that he nursed, but he readily accepts that his sister gets milk straight from her mama.
A couple of days after coming home from the hospital, I was nursing Lulah when the questions about my – ahem – width started again.
I choked back my own disappointment at being so blatantly reminded that I wasn’t yet back to my svelte pre-baby self and informed Beans that my tummy was just swollen and that I would be back to my normal size sometime soon.
Then, in a flash of brilliance, he announced that he knew why my tummy was so big.
“That’s where you keep the milk!” he exclaimed.
And then, a concern: “Mama, when your tummy gets little, will we be all out of milk?”

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4 Responses to Whirli: Out of the mouth of Beans

  1. Heidi says:

    Aww, hang in there!

  2. Cathy Frye says:

    My daughter once asked me in the grocery checkout line why stomach was big. Then, without waiting for me to answer, she asked, “Is there another baby in there?” Her little brother was 7 or 8 months old at the time! Sigh.

  3. hdemillo says:

    Man, Beans has a way with words!

  4. grandma says:

    Motherhood is the most challenging and rewarding job you will have. I love Beans and look forward to following the many stages of boyhood through his eyes.

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