Whirli: The race is on

Yesterday, I made a quick grocery store run to pick up a few staples, quick being the operative term here because Tallulah was unhappy and letting me know it.

I sat in my car for a few minutes to nurse her, hoping that would cheer her up, and it did – briefly.

I trudged on, even as she started crying as we made our way across the lot.

An elderly woman turned to ask, “Did you not bring that baby any nipple?”

Me: ?!
Um, well, I was just feeding her in the car …

Her: Huh. (Long pause.) Well, have you tried a pacifier?

Me: (Shook my head non-committally …)

Her: (After a brief interlude) Harrumph. Well, she must just not like the color.

Me: ?!?!

(What I’m thinking): What does she mean? The color of the pacifier? The color of her blanket? YOUR color?! Is that what you mean? Because by the look of disdain you’re giving me, I’m thinking maybe that’s what you mean. But surely not, because my baby is only 7 weeks old, and I can assure you I have not raised her that way. Is that what you mean?!

(What I say): Nothing. Not sure what she means or how I should react, I hold Tallulah closer and dart off through the produce section.

How would you have reacted?

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5 Responses to Whirli: The race is on

  1. Heidi says:

    How bizarre! People are sooo incredibly strange!

  2. kbenenati says:

    Why do people think it’s acceptable to offer unsolicited parenting advice? Perhaps you should take advantage of the few years you have left before your child knows the difference between an inappropriate comment and a more polite one.

  3. 6catz says:

    Yikes! that is the strangest comment ever!

  4. grandma says:

    Next time just smile and move on. The woman in my opinion was so rude. I wouldn’t give people like that the time of day. Maybe you should have started crying just to see how the woman would have reacted. Maybe give her a sob story about what a terrible day you are having. Can’t you see it now, she is either running away from you and wishing she had minded her own business……..or given you a little sympathy and made your day.

  5. Moody Mom says:

    What a heifer!
    I had a lady ask me before if I wanted her to call the cops because I spatted Ms. thing for acting up in a store.

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