Whirli: God made me?

So, Beans is a little under-the-weather, meaning a cold has left him subdued enough that I haven’t had to tell him to stop bouncing off the walls more than three or four times today. All this downtime has left him with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.
Last night, he stumped me. He always does.
Our conversation went something like this:
Beans: Did God make people?
Me: Yes, he made you and me and everyone we know.
Beans: What else did he make?
Me: He made everything – the animals and the plants and the skies and the water …
Beans: What about rhinoceroses?
Me: Yep, he made rhinoceroses, too.
Beans: And trees?
Me: Yep.
Beans: Did he make movies and TV shows?
Me: … well, he made the people who made those things.
Beans: What about the cases movies come in?
Me: … um, he made the things that the people he made used to make those …
Beans: (Pause.) Oh.
Did he make me?
Me: Yes, he made all of us.
Beans: How did he make us?
Me: (I explained, in basic form, the story of Adam and Eve.)
Beans: (Pause.) Oh.
But how did he make me?
Me: (After a couple more clumsy attempts…) I have a book. We’ll have to do some research.

Anyone have a good explanation for Beans?
(I did, I must admit, tell him that some people believe all life started from a single living organism. You know, in the interest of full disclosure. But he didn’t question that one.)

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One Response to Whirli: God made me?

  1. abailey says:

    I have no advice for you, but I really hope you get it all figured out so you can help me when Amos starts with the questions. I love the single living organism tactic. Way to throw him!

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