Whirli: It's in the freezer …

Before Tallulah was born, I hit up Sam’s and bought meat in bulk so I could make meals I could move from the freezer to the oven for convenience sake when there was a new baby in the house. Those meals, I must say, were well worth the advance effort.

I know, though, that there are lots of times, other than when a new baby comes home, that it would be really great to have meals — or at least parts of meals — already prepared.

I already brown extra ground turkey or beef when I make spaghetti or tacos and stash it in the freezer, and I almost always bake extra chicken breasts, too. (The chicken usually gets shredded or chopped and stored in baggies for future use in chicken pot pies, chicken spaghetti, chicken enchiladas, etc.)

Anyway, I’m wondering, is anyone out there in blogland interested in swapping recipes, either for easy dishes or for dishes that freeze well?

My favorite kind of cooking, I have to admit, is the kind that gets me in and out of the kitchen in a snap.

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One Response to Whirli: It's in the freezer …

  1. Heidi says:

    Yes! Count me in. I’m nuts about planning out food in advance, freezing things, buying meat in bulk, etc. We got a deep freeze last year for Christmas, and it’s been one of my favorite things ever.
    Do you crockpot? One thing I do is get a big ol’ pork butt and chop it into meal portions to freeze. When I unthaw it, I’ll put it int he crockpot w/ one of those liners to keep cleanup minimal, then dump BBQ sauce in there for pork sandwiches. Then the next time, I’ll use another section of pork and dump it in the crockpot w/ that Pace tomatillo salsa for the cooking liquid to make green pork tacos. It turns out delicious!

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