Whirli: Wordless Wednesday









We might need an umbrella for the shot this year.

Visit Arkie Mama to see who else is participating in Wordless Wednesday.

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6 Responses to Whirli: Wordless Wednesday

  1. 6catz says:

    Wow, It’s so neat to see how much he’s changed over the years!

  2. Cathy Frye says:

    What a great idea! It’s cool, watching those legs get longer and longer. Although it does kind of make a mama heart hurt a little!

  3. Yavonda says:

    What a neat idea! I may have to steal it and do something similar with Alaina!

  4. kdishongh says:

    Thanks! He is getting so big.
    Yavonda – I hope you do steal it, and then post those pics here on Wordless Wednesday! Can’t wait to see them!
    I’m going to do something similar with Tallulah, although I guess I’ll have to find two or three pumpkins to prop her up this year. ; )

  5. Moody Mom says:

    GREAT IDEA! That would have been so fun to do.

  6. athompson says:

    Those are great! it is neat to see how they grow! They grow so fast!

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