Whirli: Thanks for the planet

The chatter around here is downright mind-boggling sometimes. It never stops. Beans definitely has lots to say.

Too often I’m too busy or distracted to listen carefully, much less to take the time to write down what I’ve heard, but when I stop to pay attention I’m almost always glad I did.

Just now, I was regaled with a tale of “how the people on the Mayflower landed at the Planet Rock and built houses out of nails and wood so when it rained they wouldn’t get wet. Then they got snow. Did you know that people in old times had snow board they could ride on in the snow? The Indians came and told them how to plant trees and corn and the apples that came from the trees and all kinds of stuff. That’s the only thing they could eat because that’s all the Indians taught them to grow. But I bet the Indians taught them how to grow spinach and broccoli but they couldn’t grow a turkey. The Indians didn’t know how to make decorations, but we made Indian decorations on our table for snack at school today. And we made buckle hats like Snoopy wore. So that’s how we made Thanksgiving.”

And what is Beans most thankful for this Thanksgiving?
The Hulk.

What about you?

Happy weekend!

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