Whirli: No sleep 'til … breakfast

I’m one of those moms. I really don’t care too much about where my kids sleep, as long as they … Just. Sleep.
It mostly works for us.
But for the last two (or has it been three? So tired I can’t remember.) nights, Tallulah has decided sleep is for suckers. She doesn’t want to sleep anywhere, anyhow.
Last night, she and I slept in 20-minute increments. I begged her to tell me, already what she needed to help her rest, but all she did was babble and grump. Gah.
I got up 45 minutes before I had to, refusing to be lulled into another round of doze-wake-rinse-repeat. I put Lu in her bouncy seat in the foor of the bathroom, with only the nightlight glowing, and hopped in the shower. I fully expected to have to leap out to quiet her wailing, so I did what I needed to do at lightning speed. Then I pulled open the shower curtain, and … there was Lulah, sound asleep.
So, what do I do with all this extra early morning time, now that she’s sleeping and I’m wide awake?
I’ve complained to you, and now I guess I’ll go make coffee. Decaf, of course. Because I wouldn’t want caffeine to interfere with my nursing baby’s sleep. Right.

*I had forgotten until now how babies give up snoozing when they’re mastering new feats, and I’m guessing that’s what’s up with her. She’s *this close* to being able to sit on her own and I think she’s getting antsy about the freedom that will bring. (She’s been sitting on her own for a while, but she still topples if she leans too far, so I sit behind or beside her while she plays.)

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3 Responses to Whirli: No sleep 'til … breakfast

  1. Yavonda says:

    I don’t know how you do the sleep deprivation without coffee!

  2. Yavonda says:

    And by that I mean the fully leaded kind!!

  3. kdishongh says:

    Yavonda – I gave up caffeine when I was pregnant with Beans and I really haven’t had any since then. But these are trying times … I just might crack any minute. ; )

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