Whirli: It's all relative.

“What’s a neph-oo?” Beans wanted to know a few days back.
“A nephew?” I clarified. I told him explained the meaning and told him he was his Aunt Kate’s nephew.
“Oh,” he replied.
But he still looked puzzled, so I went on.
“And if Tallulah grows up and becomes a mama, her kids will be your nieces and nephews,” I said.
“Oh,” he replied again.
He was quiet for a few minutes, and then he asked: “If she grows up will she still live here?”
“Tallulah? I don’t know …” I hedged.
“Because I want her to still live here. And I want to live here with you and Da, too. I want all of us to live here forever and ever and ever,” he continued. “OK?”
I just nodded, because on one hand there’s nothing I would like more than for our family to stay just like it is right now. On the other hand, I hope my children grow up happy and well-adjusted, and … how shall I put this delicately? Oh, yes. Ambitious. ; ) At least ambitious enough to be productive adults. You get my drift, I’m sure.
Those sentiments seemed too complex to relay to Beans right now, though, and really, they’re irrelevant just because I have no doubt he’ll be singing a completely different song about all of us sooner than I can handle.
So, instead of saying anything, I just basked in the moment. I mean, how sweet is it that my firstborn’s love for his baby sister is such that he can’t stand the thought of the two of them ever living under separate roofs?
And then I was jolted back to reality.
“Mama,” Beans asked, “can you just put her up and play Candyland with me?”
Well, alrighty then.



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