Whirli: She'll cry if she wants to.

I couldn’t have made it through the last few years without my mom. Mimi, as she’s known by Beans. Momimi to all of us.
She’s made the hour-long trip from her house to ours more times than we can count since I opted to leave my full-time job as a reporter and be a work-at-home mom instead, staying with Beans while I went out for interviews and assignments and entertaining him while I made phone calls to sources or tapped on the computer keyboard to meet deadlines.
She was here in 2009 when I had surgery and then when I was put on bedrest three weeks before Tallulah was born, she dropped everything and rushed over, staying with me almost constantly and waiting on me hand and foot until I went to the hospital.
I always know – have always known – that Beans was in good hands with his Mimi, and that he would be happy with her here. He’s a shy little guy, and when he was tiny he was content when she was holding him even when he wouldn’t let anyone else but me enter his personal space without a real fuss.
Since Tallulah was a few months old, my mom has had some health issues that have kept her away, and in the meantime, Tallulah has decided she likes no one. Well, she still likes me, for the most part, and she’s generally OK with her dad. But everyone else? Meh.
So when my mom visited us this week, and Tallulah wailed every time she held her, I wasn’t too surprised.
My mom, though … pretty sure she was crushed.
She’s convinced that Tallulah screams only when she gets close, but I think that was merely coincidental – she screamed when my mom sat next to her in the backseat of the car because she was hungry, I think. And she screamed when my mom approached her in the living room because she was tired and just wanted to be in my arms.
Tallulah’s second tooth popped through on the day my mom was heading home, and that could very well have been the reason for her general cantankerousness. But honestly, I think she screams for the same reason she laughs heartily – because she’s passionate. about everything. (And yes, that might be a euphemism for “drama queen.”)
Anyway, we’ll be spending some quaility time with Mimi over the holidays. Here’s hoping they’ll make fast friends …

I'm snow happy it's Christmas. Or maybe I will be in a minute.

I'm snow happy it's Christmas. Or maybe I will be in a minute.

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One Response to Whirli: She'll cry if she wants to.

  1. laustin says:

    that picture is priceless! and poor mimi…they will be pals before it’s all over!

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