Whirli: Giving back

There are lots of weighty emotions sloshing around in my head/heart lately.

This week has been one where every little thing has gone wrong and many of the big things have been not quite right. I have said or done the “wrong” things over and over and the “wrong” things have been said to me, time and time again.

For whatever reason, I’ve been feeling things deeply over the last several days. Hearing about friends’ hard decisions regarding parents, about their worries and fears for sick family members, their struggles to do the right things for their children, and their valiant efforts to help care for others’ children all pull at my heartstrings, even harder than they normally might. And the stories I’ve heard this week of Haitians frantically searching for news of loved ones and for basic life necessities just to survive rip at my soul.

I don’t have a lot, financially speaking, but I know I am so very fortunate in other areas. I’m grateful for my life, my family, my home, and I want to give back somehow. I just want to make things better.

No New Year’s resolutions here, but in 2010 I really hope I can find more ways to do that. (Even if the most I can do to help, in some cases, is find the right thing to say.)

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One Response to Whirli: Giving back

  1. Yavonda says:

    Very inspiring, Kim! Wouldn’t the world be a better place is we all resolved to give back where and when we could?

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