Whirli: Chocolate lips

Last week, Beans’ lips were chapped and I sent him to school with a tube of M&M lip balm in the pocket of his jeans. I told him to slather some on anytime his lips felt dry.
Normally he would balk at such instructions, but he was OK with this, because after all – chocolate.
When I picked him up after school, I asked him to tell me stories about his day, just like I do every day, and he told me about a friend who got out all the toys and made a big mess and how he helped his friend clean up. That is all.
The next morning, I was chatting with his teacher and I learned that his day had been at least a little more eventful than he let on.
As it turns out, a cute little girl in his class had leaned across the table, put her nose to his and said, “I smell chocolate LIPS!”
(His teacher stopped any further revelations by telling this girl: “No kissing! It’s cold and flu season!”)
That is a far more interesting story, no?
I’m not sure if I should be pleased or worried that Beans held his ground, that he did not back away in the slightest when the girl was so close….

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2 Responses to Whirli: Chocolate lips

  1. abailey says:

    They start so young.

  2. Heidi says:

    That’s adorable. It’s probably a good thing he’s now learned early what women really want in life — chocolate.

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