Whirli: They really do

I was just reading a blog post by Gina of Wheels on the Bus, and I can so relate.

Beans says things all the time that make me laugh, cringe or furrow my brow in deep thought.

Like over the summer, as we pretended to write checks to pay bills (not, by the way, my idea of a fun game): “When you send them the money, do they give it back?”

And: “How could you eat if you couldn’t bend your elbow?”

And: “How can my left arm still be on the left if I turn around?”

And: “If there’s a TWOsday, why isn’t there a ONEday and a THREEsday?”

I’m appalled by the number of people who are so unaware of the world around them that they can’t identify the leaders of our state and our nation, so I showed him pictures of the president and the governor and I told him their names and about what they do. But I realized just how ineffective my lesson must have been when, from our table in a restaurant, we watched a group of suit-clad businessmen enter and stand waiting for a table.

“Look!” Beans said. “It’s all the presidents of the United States!”

And Beans is not the only kid making funny comments to me. Matt and I were touring kindergartens (man, is this school choice thing tough or what?!) before Christmas, and Tallulah was along for the ride. I was amazed by the number of questions and comments we got on her behalf. Most were sweet – inquiries about her name and age, stories about their own siblings or cousins, compliments about her cuteness.

But one little boy shouted across the room, “Um, I saw a dirty diaper in the street.”

The teacher just gave us a blank look, so I quickly replied, “It wasn’t ours!”

(Well, it wasn’t.)

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