Whirli: What a pain

About two weeks ago, Tallulah sneezed while she was nursing, and her bottom teeth – the only two she has – pierced my breast.

I know. OUCH.

Naturally, nursing was painful after that, but I chalked it up to a simple bruise/cut and kept at it.

On Monday, when all of Little Rock was waking to see a lovely surprise snowfall, I was just grateful I didn’t have to get in the shower and do the whole get-everyone-ready-and-roll-off-to-preschool bit. I was tired.

I had stayed up until 2:30 a.m. working, though, so I just chalked that up to my usual not enough sleep.

But the nursing – by then it was beyond excruciating, and it seemed to me that little cut had had plenty of time to mend already.

So, I called the Warm Line at Baptist Health and asked if there was anything I could do for my little bite wound beyond using breast milk and Lansinoh to soothe and heal it.

There was talk of a prescription topical cream and warm packs, and then I mentioned seeing red streaks on my breast. Yeah, kind of as an afterthought. I’m slow that way sometimes …

The lactation consultant said it was possible to get a staph infection from a human bite and suggested that I call my doctor about prescriptions for the topical cream as well as an oral antibiotic.

I did – and lo and behold, after just the first couple of doses I felt soooo much better.

This might not make much sense … I still felt bad, but the bad I felt on that second day of the great snow-in of 2010 made me realize just how much worse I had actually felt the day before, when I attributed my pain and fatigue to a superficial cut and staying up too late.

So, thank you, wonderful lactation consultant at Baptist!! (And thanks to the nurse at my doctor’s office, too, for calling in the prescriptions!!) Because of you, I can nurse in comfort AND I have more energy to keep doing the other important stuff, too.

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2 Responses to Whirli: What a pain

  1. Heidi says:

    Oh yikes, that sounds so incredibly painful! I can only imagine. Hope you heal quickly!

  2. Yavonda says:

    EGADS, that sounds absolutely dreadful. I am so glad you got some meds to take care of that! Get better soon!

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