Cloth diapers are cool

So I was telling my husband the other day about the cult I’ve joined. He had no idea. He thought I’d just decided to use cloth diapers.

I switched to cloth back in November, when Tallulah was about five months old, right after I reviewed a Gro Baby diaper for I did a lot of research before I wrote that review because I knew nothing about cloth diapering and I’m never comfortable writing about something until I at least get the fundamentals.

Actually, I just set out to learn how to use the diaper, how to describe it, and how to clean it, because, you know, diapers – they get dirty. That’s their job.

In the process, I learned that not only did I know nothing about this particular diaper – there’s a whole world out there I knew nothing about! There are pocket diapers, fitteds, covers, all-in-ones, all-in-twos, prefolds … and they have such cutesy names. There are Fuzzi Bunz, Happy Heinys, Goodmamas, Bum Genius, Katydids, Jamtots BerryPlush, Baby Kangas, Bumware, Kiwi Pie, Nubunz, Flips and the list goes on and on.

And the people who choose cloth tend to be so excited about it that they – we – want to shout it from the rooftops! It’s like we’ve discovered something no one else knows about! Because really, if everyone did know about cloth diapering, they would want to do it, too. (With cloth, rashes, blow-outs and leaks are pretty much things of the past, they come in soooo many colors and patterns and if you do it right you can save more than $1,000 – you read that right – during the diapering years, even more if you use them with more than one child. AND there’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re not adding to the landfills truckloads of disposable diapers that will still be around when you’re great-great grandchildren are born.)

There are an incredible number of cloth diaper giveaways – contests you can enter by tweeting or blogging or messaging or commenting on a particular topic – and there are all kinds of message boards populated by people looking to exchange information about new brands and washing instructions and tricks and tips and share pictures of their adorable babies’ fluffy bums.

Oh sure, cloth diapering can be intimidating. There’s the initial squeamishness about cleaning them (it’s not that bad, I promise you). There are so many choices and it seems so tough to learn the ins and outs and so risky to buy something you’re not sure you’ll like using. But I can tell you, firsthand, it’s easy. It’s so incredibly easy. And there are lots of ways to get started on the cheap and there are lots of tricks that make the easy even easier.

Matt hasn’t so much joined the cult as yet. He’s interested, and he’s willing. I just think he’s maybe still a little scared of the cloth. (Or maybe he’s just a little scared of Tallulah. Lots of people are scared of Tallulah.) He does freely admit, however, that he’s happy not to be hauling loads of stinky disposable diapers out to the curb every week. There’s that.

cute in cloth

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5 Responses to Cloth diapers are cool

  1. Heidi says:

    I really had wanted to use cloth diapers, but our daycare won’t allow it. So I kinda gave up on the idea altogether. But how do you think it would work out to do disposable during the week and cloth at home/on the weekends?

  2. kdishongh says:

    Heidi, I think that would work fine! I bet you would still save on disposables if you went that route. I think there are lots of people who do it that way.
    Is your daycare not open to it at all, or do they just not know anything about it? Some people have had luck getting their daycares to use something like a Gro Baby or a gDiaper or a Flip with a disposable liner (so they can just toss the liner), and some have even been able to convince them to work with pocket diapers (they have velcro or snaps and go on just like a disposable) and just stuff the whole thing in a wet bag to take home at night. It’s no different than using a disposable diaper except it doesn’t go in the trash.

  3. tallgirl says:

    I use cloth at home and disposable at daycare. It works well. I started my daughter when she was about the same age as Tallulah and my son started at birth. I have never asked my current daycare to use cloth, but I hear it is their policy not too.

    You are absolutely correct about how addictive it can be. I was more into it with my first while i was building my stash, but now I don’t know anything about the current models.

  4. kdishongh says:

    Tallgirl, how weird is it that I’m jealous you got to cloth diaper a newborn? lol
    You’re smart not to check on the new stuff, If you don’t need more there’s no need to risk being tempted to try them out.

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