They just don't get it

I really don’t enjoy grocery shopping. You know what’s made grocery shopping tolerable at our local store?

The train.

Have you seen it?

At the Kroger on Chenal, there is an elaborate model train set-up – it’s a village, really, on a stage behind a plexiglass window.

Beans loves it. Heck, I love it. He rarely puts up a fight to go shopping with me if I promise we can gaze at that thing, and since it changes with the seasons there is always something to see. It’s right in front of the checkout lines, so I feel comfortable letting him wander over to look at it while I’m paying for our food. When I’m done, I join him for a few minutes and we are all on our merry way. So nice.

Alas, a new Kroger is under construction right next to the existing one, and I’m told that when it opens in the fall (?) the train will be shipped elsewhere.

“It takes up too much room,” I’m told.

But, but, but … there will be room for a furniture section. (?!) And I’ve read that the new store will sell jewelry as well. I don’t know about you, but I’m not typically in the market for a new kitchen table or a new pair of earrings when I head out to pick up bananas and milk. I just want to get my bananas and my milk and get out.

I know, I know, their goal is to get me to stick around so I’ll have more time to buy things. There are just so many other things they could have added to the store to accomplish that goal.

For instance, sipping a mocha while shopping was nice, but Starbucks is long gone from our store. And even if that was a Starbucks-related decision, couldn’t another coffee shop have been recruited to fill the void?

Or, if the powers that be simply must add to the shopping experience, how about an indoor playroom with the option of paying for supervision so you can shop in peace?

I could come up with so many ideas, Kroger. Are you listening?

My point is, I wish grocery stores would do a better job of getting mom’s opinions about things. I mean, like it or not, we’re usually the ones who shop there, right?

I’m sure they must know what they’re doing. They must be aware of their demographics, right? But I can’t imagine what mother in her right mind would have given a stamp of approval to those carts they have now. You know, the ones with the trucks on the front that the kids can climb out of when you’re not looking? The ones that, even if your kid does stay inside, can easily be breached by a hand or a foot that will get twisted or smushed the minute you move forward. That, my grocery-store-mogul friends, is no fun for anyone.

Anyway, back to the train.

The guy who told me about plans to bid the train farewell attempted to console me by explaining that the new store will have a toy section. To which I responded, “Ummm, that’s a good reason NOT to come here.”

Who, I ask you, wants to haggle with a kid about how long we can linger in the toy department while there’s meat, milk and ice cream going bad in the cart? And, really, who wants to add the cost of an overpriced toy to their food budget every week?

Honestly, I would rather they just moved the train, even if I had to buy a ticket to see it.

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3 Responses to They just don't get it

  1. hdemillo says:

    Boooo! I hate hearing that they’re shipping the train elsewhere. It’s brilliant!

  2. Heidi says:

    Ugh, that’s my Kroger too, and I really hate to hear all that … as if it isn’t hard enough to get through the grocery store as it is!

  3. kdishongh says:

    It truly is brilliant!
    Also, I’m having a hard time imagining how shopping in a two-story grocery store will work. Elevators for the shopping carts? Or dumbwaiters? I just don’t know.

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