Keeping it clean

Am I the only one who has a hard time keeping a path cleared through the living room (…kitchen/bathroom/etc.)?

My house is embarrassing most of the time, thanks to the two little people who grace me with their presence. We’re all home together all day most days and because, for me, deadlines come before housework the housework often just doesn’t get done. I suppose I could do some of it before they wake up or after they go to sleep, but honestly, I’m almost always working (for money) then, too.

I know that in a matter of a few years the toys will be gone and I will miss them sorely and that when that happens, I won’t look back and say, “Wow, I wish I’d put more effort into keeping the house clean way back when.”

But the mess STILL bugs me. It just does.

Anyone have any tips on how to contain the clutter and keep things tidy on a regular basis?

In return for your advice, I’ll share a crock pot recipe that doesn’t even require remembering to take something out of the freezer to thaw.

Just throw these things together:
A few chicken breasts (Yep, even if they’re frozen.)
A can of Rotel
A packet of taco seasoning

Cook on low for 6-8 hours.

Use a fork to shred the chicken inside the crock pot and stir up the whole concoction.

And voila! You have the makings for chicken tacos!
We like to eat it rolled up in a tortilla. Yum.

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7 Responses to Keeping it clean

  1. Moody Mom says:

    I have OCD so my house is always clean. I am a clean freak. My daughter is a little on the OCD side also and likes her room neat and tidy also.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  2. abailey says:

    The state of my house is humiliating and depressing most of the time. I love big, giant baskets. Whenever I freak out and have had enough, I toss everything into one and feel a little bit better. Target has cute ones. They’re sort of pricey, but $35 is less expensive than a stay in a mental institution, which I would need if I couldn’t get my floor cleaned up every once in a while. Get the biggest basket you can find. Maybe get 2 or 3.

  3. kdishongh says:

    Kristina – It makes me crazy that I can’t keep things picked up around here. I really think it affects my concentration and I know it affects my mood. Beans’ room is actually the easiest room in the house to deal with, but the rest of the house … ugh. Part of the problem is Tallulah screams when I leave her sight for two seconds, making it impossible to get much done when she’s awake, and when she’s asleep, I need to work toward those deadlines.
    You’re welcome for the recipe!

  4. kdishongh says:

    Austin – Good call on the baskets. I mean, how can you clean the floor if you can’t even see it!! I have a few, but they’re definitely not big enough. I need to go shopping – and the bonus is that that will get me out of my dirty house for a while. Yay!

  5. Heidi says:

    We have a giant toy bag in our living room, which helps some. But I pretty much feel the same way you do. Nothing is ever as clean as I want it to be anymore. (Ava screamed the same way when she was little. I think we held her pretty much 24-7 for awhile there for our own sanity’s sake.)

  6. kdishongh says:

    Thanks Heidi – it makes me feel better that I’m not alone, although I wish we could all have sparkling homes! And it’s a good reminder that Tallulah won’t always shriek when I walk away, too.
    (In the time it took me to type that sentence, Beans went upstairs and brought down three more toys. Gah.)

  7. skondo says:

    Thanks for the recipe. A toy box works fine around here. It’s an old hope chest that was made for linens, but for now everything goes off the floor and into the box. Wait until you have to worry about the dead stuff you’ll find around the house!

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