Twitter this

So last night I “went to” a Twitter party. I say I “went to” the party because, of course, the only place I really went was my living room where my laptop happened to be. (All this new-ish technology makes it possible even for someone like me to party wild and crazy on a school night! ; ))

It was sponsored by Diaper Shops in celebration of their ninth birthday and they were giving away an iPad to one of the lucky pre-registered “guests,” which was my real inspiration for putting in an “appearance.”

I did not win, but that’s OK because I have a perfectly wonderful new (since Christmas) laptop anyway. (This was, incidentally, my second Twitter party – at the first one, I won three Baby Beehinds fitted diapers! What, you don’t get excited about winning diapers?! You obviously have not seen Baby Beehinds.)

Anyway, about Twitter parties … they make me feel a little bit socially inept, like I’m back in high school and not quite sure what to say or to whom to say it. And I’m bugged that I can’t really see who’s “involved in a conversation” so I don’t know who I would interrupt if I tweeted a reply to something they’ve said. Not only that, I feel downright decrepit. These parties move fast and furious and I know if I don’t jump in fast enough I will just get left in the dust.

But … they’re also fun. I’ve “met” lots of interesting people and heard lots of interesting new things, and unlike real-life parties you can go back and read a transcript of the conversations you missed.

I’ve been “invited” to a few more Twitter parties, including one themed with issues for healthy kids and one where there will be some sort of mobile internet device given away. I’ll probably hit a few more. Maybe with a little more practice I can figure out all the ins and outs.

I already have a date. His initials are HP.

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