Remember these? Remember how much I worried that one would croak?

Well, one did. On Christmas Eve. I discovered it as we came home late that night and rushed around to get cookies and milk ready for Santa and sparkly oats ready for the reindeer and to tuck everyone in bed so sugarplums could dance around their heads. And I sure wasn’t going to go ruining any Christmas magic by breaking the news about dead frogs. No way.

In the past, I’ve approached the subject of dying pets head on, explaining the best way I can to Beans what’s happened and why and trying to help him understand just what that means. But this time, I just let it go.

Weeks went by before he actually asked why there was only one frog in the tank, and the question was more of an observation. It was something like, ‘Huh. I wonder why I can only see one frog in there. I thought there were two.”

He made other comments in passing, but he never really asked and I never really answered.

Until today, when he found a hard copy of the picture my mom took of the TWO frogs – the one that was posted here. With that, his memory became concrete. He even remembers their names.

But … he says the second one escaped.

I know I should tell him the truth. I could tell him the truth. This time, though, I’m thinking I’ll just let it slide.

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2 Responses to Frog-gone

  1. Heidi says:

    I think since a little time has passed, you can let this one go — unless he directly asks. Good luck!

  2. Moody Mom says:

    Our last Rottie, Shelby, caught a bunny in front of me and Bear. That poor think started squealing and Brad yelled at me to take Bear inside. The bunny did not make it but we told Bear that daddy got it away from the dog and it jumped under the fence and ran in the woods. That was about 2 years ago. I just could not bring myself to tell her it was dead.

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