This week my parents stayed at a nearby campground and my babies and I spent lots of time out there with them, walking among the trees and throwing rocks in the water and exploring and picnicking and other one-with-nature kind of things.

I had lots of work to do back at home, but I forced myself to put it out of my mind and live in the moment – and it was good.

There were several times when I wished with all my heart I had a camera on hand – like the precious moment when my mom and Beans held hands and walked toward the water at a boat dock just before sunset while I hung back with Tallulah, dozing in her stroller. And like Beans and my dad seeing who could throw rocks the furthest, Dad always winning the contest with his impressive rock-skipping skills and Beans never being deterred by the competition. Beans tossed in a handful of rocks, making them splash like rain as he declared himself the winner. Since I didn’t have a camera, I burned those scenes into my memory and just stood there, watching the people I love and listening to the water softly ripple and lap against the shoreline.

Today, Matt, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law joined us for a cook-out, and Beans showed them a perfect spot to play ball. I didn’t get to join the game – Tallulah was once again sleeping, this time on my shoulder – but I could see them from where I was sitting in the shade with my dad. And again I wished I had my camera for a tangible memory of their playtime. I didn’t, but I’ll remember the fresh air and giggles anyway.

I was able to get a shot of the turtle we rescued from the middle of the road on the way back to the campground on Friday, but I used my mom’s camera to get it … and it’s still on my mom’s camera, which is with my mom and I am, alas, not with her or her camera.

When I was a kid, I had a strong fascination (OK, something bordering on obsession) with box turtles, and I would scream “Stop!!!” every time I saw one crossing the road. I now understand must have darn near given my dad a heart attack every time, but he would usually humor me and stop to get the turtle. I would sometimes keep it in a box for a day or two before letting it go, and then I would start scanning the roadways for the next turtle that needed to be saved from oncoming traffic. It seems like there used to be a lot more turtles on the roadways; I’m not sure if the turtles of today have just gotten smarter about staying off the asphalt or if there are just fewer of them around to do such a stupid thing as trying to cross a highway (I suspect it’s the latter …).

Anyway, Beans did not seem at all interested in spending time with this turtle other than to make sure it walked away from where we were. He studied it but didn’t dare touch it, and he suggested that we just let it go, which was my plan all along. Here’s hoping that turtle wasn’t dumb enough to crawl all the way back to the road.

I hope all of you have a fantastic Mother’s Day tomorrow, and that you’re able to burn some precious memories with your mom’s, mothers-in-law and, of course, your children – either in your mind or on a digital memory card. May you all be as lucky as I am in the mom department. I have an amazing mother and a fabulous mother-in-law, and I’m the luckiest mom ever to have Beans and Tallulah.

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  1. Heidi says:

    Sounds like a fabulous day!

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