For real?

Is this really on the grocery store shelves? And are people really plonking down their hard-earned money for it?

Wow. I guess if you’re giving your babies chocolate milk every day anyway, this could possibly be a good alternative, but … really?

It’s for kids over 1, who by most accounts don’t need formula. (For the record, I’m breastfeeding so I haven’t researched formula guidelines or the nutritional values of this or any other formula.)

It seems to be marketed toward picky eaters, and I suppose if I had a picky eater I might be more likely to see some value in it.

But I doubt that.

It seems like it would make a picky eater even pickier … you know, if you refuse to eat anything and your mom, in her desperation to get something in your tummy, fills your cup with yummy choco goodness, why would you ever agree to eat anything else? Bad habits in the making, no doubt.

Heck, something like this could turn a good eater picky. I’m pretty much firmly in the if-they-get-hungry-enough-they’ll-eat-what-they’re-served camp, and I’m pretty much firmly convinced that making sure most of what they’re served is fresh, healthy food is important for establishing lifelong eating habits. I’m not opposed to treats, but this? This seems like overkill.

But maybe I’m missing something. Anyone see the value in this kind of product?

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2 Responses to For real?

  1. MamaMurphy says:

    Not only have I seen on the shelf, but the company has sent us free samples because we’re on some list somewhere. They sent us vanilla though. I wasn’t aware of the choco-version. I agree with you. I think it’s just another scam trying to guilt parents into buying more crap they don’t need. They try to tell you that your child isn’t getting what he needs from food alone, which is ridiculous.
    Course, I don’t have picky eaters either.
    I did, however, save the samples to use if my little man gets sick and isn’t eating normally. Still waiting for that to happen.

  2. Yavonda says:

    Just got an email from a formula company about this product!

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