I drove past Beans’ preschool today on my way to the library. I mean, I drove past what was his preschool, until yesterday when he walked down the aisle and sang a song about making new friends and presented me with a flower and accepted a certificate and … graduated.

I was OK with this yesterday. I was behind the camera, after all, and I was busy, just like I have been for weeks now — working hard to meet deadlines, taking care of Tallulah’s constant demands, helping with the graduation party and on and on.

It’s been hitting me in waves, but they’ve been manageable. It’s not that I didn’t know this was coming. Today, though, when I passed the driveway I have turned into to drop him off and pick him up for two years now it all hit me. Another phase has ended, and a new one is about to begin.

How does this happen so fast?

I have much more to say about our preschool experience, but for right this minute I’m going to go play with my kids before they grow up any more.

The graduate

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2 Responses to Sniff

  1. Heidi says:

    What a great smile! He does look like he’s growing up too fast … if only they could stay babies forever.

  2. kdishongh says:

    Thanks Heidi!
    I know – how do parents’ hearts survive this growing up thing? : )

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