Feeling crummy

I’ve been feeling crummy for the last couple of months. Yep, about eight weeks. Sore and swollen gland under my right ear, intermittent throbbing ear pain, achy jaw, dizziness and unbelievable fatigue. And a couple of days ago, sore throat joined the party.
I finally went to the doctor – you know, just to see if there was some magic pill I could take to make me feel better. Surely, I reasoned, there must be some sort of infection to blame
You know what the diagnosis was?
Kid-itis. Wiped out.
My doctor, who has young children of his own, offered to refer me to an ENT for what he suspects is TMJ, which would explain much of the problem, but there’s no quick fix for that. The bulk of my ick, though, is likely related to having too much to do.
What do I do with that information? I guess I’ll just try to become more efficient. After all, this is just one of the many hazards related to motherhood.
How are you feeling?

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5 Responses to Feeling crummy

  1. Yavonda says:

    You poor thing! It sounds like you need a weekend off!

  2. Cathy Frye says:

    Girl, you just described mono. I had it in 2007.

    Ask for an Epstein-Barr test. It’s a virus, so they can only treat the symptoms. But if that’s what you have, you need some serious rest. I didn’t allow myself that and as a result, it dragged on for months.

    When I had it, I had every single symptom you’ve just described.

    They tested me and it was mono. Found out several weeks later that it had been making the rounds at the kids’ daycare.

    In children it manifests as a dinky little virus that resembles a cold. But the older you get, the worse it is. My sisters had it as adults too. Guess we were never exposed as children.

    Anyway, just something to consider!

  3. Heidi says:

    Yes, get some rest either way! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  4. Moody Mom says:

    Get better soon!

  5. 6catz says:

    I’m with Cathy. I had mono as an adult as well, and it is exactly like you described, and like Cathy, if you don’t take care of yourself, it can make you feel worse and drag on forever! Take care of yourself!

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