A few days ago, I loaded up Beans and Tallulah and headed to the pet store to buy a new snail, sadly to replace Tape, who recently went to that great gastropod home in the sky and left Jack or Wack (I can’t be sure which one’s left, OK?) all alone in a box of murky water.

I also planned to buy some more tropical fish food for Jack/Wack to replace the little bottle our frog-dog Sophie snarfed down not too long ago. (We do feed her. She gets plenty of treats, too. No idea why the fish food was suddenly so appealing but it must have been simply delish, given the obvious effort she made to ingest it.)

My purchases should have totaled in somewhere around $5. My purchases actually totaled closer to $50.


Let’s call it a case of snail guilt.

Tape was a tiny snail, but the only snails available in the store were at least six times his/her size. I made the mistake of asking the guy who scooped our Blue Mystery Snail of choice out of a tank and plunked him into a plastic bag if the tiny tank we have would be OK for a snail of that size and his answer was that snails need tanks with oxygen pumps to survive. Nevermind that Tape had survived just fine for well over a year … my conscious wouldn’t let me take home a new snail and worry that I was depriving him/her of proper breathing material.

Beans and I set out to find a small aquarium with a pump that might be suitable for our new friend. And then we had to choose some new gravel for the floor of his/her new home. And then we needed some nice, new decor – a T-Rex and a tan seashell were Beans’ accessories of choice.

Sooooooo, getting tanked, my friends, is the reason for my overspending.

On the bright side, roaming the pet store and gazing at the fish, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, lizards, birds, cats up for adoption, etc., is just as amusing to Tallulah as going to the zoo might be. And it’s air conditioned.

Jack/Wack was ecstatic about his (I’m guessing here, OK? I have no idea if the frog is male or female …) new digs, and he has been doing water aerobics ever since he moved in. He even seems to appreciate the new light fixture we installed in his new roof.

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One Response to Tanked

  1. Yavonda says:

    Ahh, pet store guilt will get you everytime!

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