We’ve been busy this week soaking up the last that summer 2010 has to offer – and the last of Beans’ pre-school existence. He starts kindergarten next week, and although I’m doing my best to rah-rah the experience for him, I’m feeling blue about it. It’s the end of an era, you know.

He’ll be fine. He’ll do great. He’ll have a blast, in fact. I think. I hope.

(He will, right? Will I? Survival tips welcome … )

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2 Responses to Kindergarten

  1. Moody Mom says:

    Blessed mom and I took our girls to kindergarten, cried, went and got coffee, cried, went shopping and cried some more. When I picked Rebecca up from school, she was totally FINE!

    Hang in there and get a “cry” partner.

  2. 6catz says:

    Kindergarten is a big mile stone. I’ll be thinking about you!

    (Ashley is starting middle school. I still have her baby shoes that you bought her as a gift when she was born. Seems like yesterday!)

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