De-stress with Dad

Beans and his dad are tight – they talk Mario, superheroes and sports, go to the pool, take walks with our dog, play made-up games, hang out at comic book store, have heart-to-heart chats about who-knows-what, that kind of thing.

Matt is popular with Beans’ set of friends, too. More than once he has run around a baseball field or swam around in a pool with several little guys chasing/tackling him while the rest of the parents stood around and talked, and marveled at the stamina required to carry him through all that roughhousing. (There might have been some Advil involved in getting him through the aftermath, but it sure looked like he was having fun at the time.) This, of course, elevates him even further on the Beans Fun Quotient measure.

I remember vividly the day about two and a half years ago that I was sitting in a Subway restaurant having lunch with Beans and he announced that he wanted to show me what his dad had taught him the night before. He took a bite of his turkey sandwich, chewed for a few seconds and then opened his mouth — aaaaahhhhhh! And then, of course, he laughed. Now that’s male bonding for you.

Beans can’t wait until his dad comes home at the end of the day so he can share this or that tidbit about what he’s done, seen or learned while they were apart, and it does my heart good to see the look in his eyes when he hears the door opening.

Anyway, my point is Beans looks up to his dad, and I’m thrilled that’s the way things are. He’s a great dad, and he’s a good man to look up to.

Now, this study shows there is all the more reason for them to pal around.

Even better.

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2 Responses to De-stress with Dad

  1. kbenenati says:

    Have been spending too much time on Facebook, because I read this and wanted to hit like.:)

  2. abailey says:

    Right on. It is indeed fantastic to leave the rasslin’ and such to the dads. I can stand not being the fun one if it means I don’t have to take multiple kicks to the kidney!

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