Well, K-day has finally arrived.

I might have gotten a little teary this morning as I walked away from Beans’ kindergarten class, but he was as happy as a clam. Today’s first-day drop-off was a far cry easier than the first day of preschool when I had to pry a sobbing 3-year-old Beans from my leg and will my own sobbing self to trudge down the hall while I listened to him beg me not to leave him. That, my friends, caused a pain that will linger in my heart forever more.

Today, on the other hand, Beans walked into his new classroom in his new school like he had been there a million and one times before. He stashed his backpack and his lunchbox (which is just like Nate’s!! Yay!!), exchanged a few words with his new teacher and then sat down, ready to get to work.

Tallulah and I miss him desperately (she has just learned to say his name and has been calling for “Buh!” since she woke up from her nap this morning. Poor girl cannot figure out where her favorite boy has gone!). But he has been so excited about his first day for a while now that my heavy heart soars for him. I hope he’s just as excited about school when I pick him up this afternoon (and when we go through the getting-ready-at-the-crack-of-dawn routine tomorrow). I hope he loves school as much as I did when I was his age.

But it's so early ...

Little big man

Stop taking my picture and let me go to school already.

The gang

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