Over the years, I’ve heard the proverbial “they” that life gets easier when kids start school. There’s a routine, they say. The kids are busy during the day and you have time to get things done, they insist.

They’re wrong. At least in my opinion, they’re all wrong.

Time has seemed to fly by ever since Beans was born five and a half years ago, but the last couple of months since he started kindergarten have moved at warp speed. It seems like we’re always rushing to get to one place or another, then racing to beat the clock and get dinner, bath and bedtime over and done with so we can sleep a little and do it all over again.

It makes me sad to look back and feel like I’ve missed entire chunks of the week (or even the month) because of all the hubbub.

When will things slow down? I know better than to listen to “them,” but maybe someone out there will tell me the truth.

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