Our Thanksgiving plans were derailed by a fever that grabbed Beans while he slept and just wouldn’t let go in time for us to go out and celebrate as a family.

I was eager to enjoy the plate of goodness Matt brought back for me from Thanksgiving lunch, but Beans said he still didn’t feel well and didn’t have much of an “appetizer.”

Beans, Tallulah and I have stayed inside on this increasingly cold, rainy day, playing MouseTrap, reading books in the rocking chair and digging through toy boxes to find treasures we haven’t seen in a while, although Beans would be quick to tell you he isn’t a fan of the clean-up associated with all that digging.

The day hasn’t turned out the way I had imagined, but it has turned out pretty nice anyway.

There have been other things in life that haven’t turned out the way I thought they might, like having babies. I guess I always thought I would have more than one child, and that I would have them within a couple of years of each other. They would be babies together and they would grow up together and that would be that.

It didn’t happen that way, though. Endometriosis made it tough for me to get pregnant a second time and I spent almost three years trying. It finally happened — Tallulah finally happened, that is. And she is amazing and brilliant and hilarious and wonderful and I couldn’t ask for anything more awe-inspiring than the way she and her big brother interact. He’s her hero, and he’s her victim, too. He’s four and a half years older than her, and in her eyes, he’s pretty much the world.

Tallulah has had a veritable language explosion in the last couple of weeks, and I know the conversations to come are going to be incredible. She’s a spirited little girl, you know. She’s got lots to say and she’s about to figure out how to say it. She already says volumes with the few words she has — I can hardly imagine what she’ll do with a bigger vocabulary.

Here’s a scene from my kitchen last week:

(Tallulah plops down in Beans’ lap with a picture book, obviously expecting him to “read” it to her.)

Beans: That’s a frog. Can you say frog?

Tallulah: Duyddle (which happens to be her version of turtle).

Beans: No …. That’s a bird. Can you say bird?

Tallulah: Duyddle.

Beans: (Sigh) That’s a lizard. Can you say lizard?

Tallulah: Duyddle.

Beans: (Exasperation growing…) That’s an elephant. Can you say elephant?

Tallulah: Duyddle.

Beans: Fine, here’s the turtle. Can you say turtle?

Tallulah: Ooh, ooh, ah ah! (That’s the sound a monkey makes, don’t you know?! She shouted it with glee and then just giggled!)

I think that might have been her first joke. And I thought it was funny, even if Beans refused to laugh right away.

I’m so thankful for the little people that have blessed me with their presence. And I’m thankful for how and when they did it. I think I might appreciate this all this a little more because of all I went through to have it.

I hope you’re all enjoying your babies today as much as I’m enjoying mine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to Thankful

  1. Yavonda says:

    I’m sorry your Thanksgiving didn’t go as planned, but it sounds like you guys still had fun. I hope Beans is feeling better!

  2. Heidi says:

    You have such adorable children. I hope Beans feels better too! And happy Thanksgiving!

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