Sick and tired

I have my doubts about this.

Beans hasn’t spent one day in day care, but he has only been sick enough to warrant a visit to the pediatrician a handful of times. Since he started kindergarten, he’s gone to the doctor once. Almost every time he’s gotten sick (except the Thanksgiving bout of what was diagnosed as a fever virus), it’s been brief and fairly mild.

His parents, on the other hand, have been sick for what seems like the entire time he’s been in public school. And we don’t rebound nearly as fast as he does. One day of sniffles for him = coughing up lungs for two weeks for me.

What gives?!

(Edited to add: Did you hear me knocking on wood – REALLY HARD – after I posted that? Because I know that just mentioning how well Beans has been is only asking for trouble. I know it. So I’m still knocking. ; ))

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