First day of kindergarten, part II

Beans started at a new school last week.

We had been on a magnet school wait list since the summer, and when a spot came open for Beans at that school, Matt and I had to make the choice of moving him mid-year or losing that spot altogether. It was a tough decision because he was doing great in his kindergarten class, we liked his teacher and … well, he’s in kindergarten. I think such a move has the potential for being tough on any kid, but it seemed especially cruel to subject a kindergartner – a creature-of-habit kindergartner no less – to such trauma.

But you know what? He’s happy. He was a little nervous the night before his first day at the new school, and he was a little nervous the morning we dropped him off for the first time. Since then, though, not a twinge. No drama, no trauma … just, nothing but a well-adjusted kid.

What was I expecting? A full out tantrum about how he didn’t want to leave his old school? A sobbing fit about how he didn’t want to leave his friends and his teacher and his routine and that he just simply could not survive going somewhere else? Huh. I don’t know what I expected.

My sweet boy has amazed me again.

P.S. Beans has a good bit of homework at his new school, and while he doesn’t grumble too much about doing it, he isn’t half as enthusiastic about such tasks as his little sister. Tallulah chirps “Homework!! Homework!!” over and over when I tell Beans it’s time to get busy, and we have to set her up with a copy of her own worksheets, pencils and crayons (I did give her the much coveted glue stick once upon a time, but when she rubbed it on her palms like the best moisturizing cream in the world and then stuck her hands in my hair, I’ve been a little less compliant.)

I don't hold out much hope that Tallulah will be as wild about homework when it's her turn to turn it in.

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One Response to First day of kindergarten, part II

  1. Yavonda says:

    I’m glad Beans is doing so well!

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