Snow away!

I’m a winter weather person.

Somewhere around the end of September, Matt puts on his parka and walks around the living room bemoaning the end of summer, but me – I like the cold.

I normally like bundling up to go outside and I love even more being ensconced in my house with my family because it’s too icy to bother with going anywhere. Playing with my babies, hot chocolate, hot coffee, movies, snuggling with Sophie, and of course, frolicking in the snow, all lovely things I anticipate when the forecast turns to winter weather.

This snow, though – it has got to go.

But this winter has been brutal in terms of sickness and isolation and this snow is just … well, it’s been around too much.

Snow, have you not ever heard the old adage about guests and fish smelling after a certain number of days? Yes, I know you have left and returned a number a number of times, but really, surely you get the point. Just a little break, please.

You’re making me long for spring.

So there.

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