Virtual hunger

I’m a pretty busy person. Life is a blur most days, in fact. I’m fairly well-adjusted, too, I think. I mean, I’m sure I have pinholes in my psyche just like everyone else, but on the whole, I’m balanced.

So why do I feel the compelled to make sure Beans’ virtual mud hippo doesn’t starve?!

Beans got a Webkinz for his birthday a couple of months ago and he loves to go online and give “Hippy” clothes and treats and [rabbit neighbors with drums that keep him awake 24/7] take him for romps in the park etc. But like I said, I’m busy. We’re busy. Which means he sometimes can’t log on for days at a time. Which means poor Hippy doesn’t get anything to eat for looong periods of time.

It started with me logging on just so Beans could get a reward treat that comes with just going on the site each calendar day. It was all meant to help fill his cue so he would have a surprise cupcake or something when he opened his page the next time. But then I noticed that the little meter that measures Hippy’s health was really low. So I “asked” Hippy how he was doing. And the little hippo told me he had a headache. (I’m paraphrasing because quoting a virtual hippo makes me a tad squeamish.) I asked him something else and he reminded me it had been a long time since he ate. That’s when I “fed” him several of those treats I had logged on to score. (Defeats the whole purpose, no?)

I was curious about what would happen if I just stopped feeding Hippy. I Googled, and lucky for me, I wasn’t the only one who wondered about such things.

I found this:

What happens if you never feed your Webkinz ever?


It’s not TOO horrible. I do it to my webkinz deer whom I dislike. Anyway webkinz can’t die. It’s hunger will evenutally go down to zero. It will be sick and sad. It’s happinnes and health will go down. If you take it to Dr. Quack he will say its’s sick and If you say “how are you doing”, “how are you feeling” or “do you want something to eat” when talking to your pet it will say things like “I could really use a salad” or “I think i have the flu.” that makes you feel bad.

And now I have to worry not just about whether Hippy has a full imaginary stomach but about whether this answer was given by a sadistic kid or by an honest-to-gosh supposed-to-be-responsible-and-nurturing grown-up like me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a mud hippo to care for …

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