Oh, my itchy neck

I have an achy back, too, but right now I want to whine about my neck.

For about a month or … who am I kidding? I don’t really know how long it’s been. It could have been three months for all I know. Time is so fluid around here. Anyway, for a while I’ve had a perpetual urge to claw at my neck. I don’t have a rash, although every once in a great moon I notice a little bump or two. Mostly it’s just red – from the scratching, mind you, not because it would be red without help from my fingertips.

First, I tried a moisturizer. Then my dad suggested witch hazel (which actually worked for a little while). Since then, I’ve tried any number of concoctions, all with little or no relief. My mom assured me that any diaper rash cream would help, so at the moment I’m slathered in CJs BUTTer. (We cloth diaper – that’s my favorite CD-safe cream, and we have it blueberry crumble and pink sugar so at least I smell yummy.)

If anyone out there has an other solutions, I would love to hear ’em.

Otherwise, I’m thinking of getting a neck brace, just to save my fragile neck skin. Or maybe I’ll call my doctor … (grumble, grumble).



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