Ghost creditors

Beans was just 3 when he started talking about a ghost he saw all over town – in our house, on our television, in Target, Toys R’ Us, the grocery store, the park … I began to worry that he was being haunted and to wonder if he had some sort of extrasensory perception.

Then I began to connect the ghost with Wall-E, but I still didn’t see the ghost he saw all over creation.

And then I realized the “ghost” was Eve, the life-seeking robot in the animated movie.

Huh. Gotta give it to him – there is a ghostly resemblance.


Last week, Beans, Tallulah and I took a trip through the Museum of Discovery, and we all enjoyed the shark exhibits.

When Beans’s dad asked later about what we had done that day, Beans told him all about the sharks he saw at the museum and about how sharks are creditors. (That’s predators to the rest of us.)

Has he been watching The Godfather?!

(For those of you who might be almost as slow as I was about Eve the Ghost, that’s just a lame joke about the creditors = loan shark connection. Get it? ; ))

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