The movie Beans and I went to last week required some sneaking around – from Tallulah.

She heard us talking through our plans and we got ready to make our escape she announced, “I go movie,” grabbed her shoes and ran to the door.

Her dad took her outside as we were leaving and she loves to “ming-ming” (You don’t know Tallulah-speak? That means “swing.”) more than just about anything else in her little world so she didn’t even know we were gone for quite some time. (This is in stark contrast to my quick run to Target last night when Matt called to tell me she was standing at the door sobbing, a book in each hand and the repeated plea, “Read it, Mama?!” Ouch.)

Anyway, tonight, she’s announced over and over that she wants a movie. I ask her which movie she wants to watch – we have a bazillion I could stick in the DVD player, just so you know – but all she tells me is, “Green.” (Wha?)

She’s blue when we leave and now she’s seeing green – or she would like to be. I don’t know what to make of it all.

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