What is it with holidays?

What I mean is, what is it with holidays and my kids getting sick?

Yesterday, Tallulah woke up at 3 a.m. She tossed and turned and moaned and groaned and tried to go back to sleep for a while, and then she commanded me to rock-rock and I was so relieved when she dozed off, but then every time her skin touched the sheets she was up again. I got it. She wasn’t feeling well.

She fell asleep around 6 a.m., 11 minutes before Beans asked if it was time to get up. And then he resumed coughing, which of course woke Tallulah again.

I ordered him back to bed, but really – what was the point of that? There was no sleeping left in his night.

Thankfully, no one was sick enough to cancel Easter celebrations, though the sleep deprivation all around made for an interesting day.

We got up and got dressed, most of us with Easter egg dye still coloring our hands (and one of our faces), and tried to make the most of our time together.

We hope you had a healthier, less-cranky-kid-like, Easter at your house, but we want you to know ours was still pretty good.

The night before Easter

No mo' pictures, yo. (Mama, he's touching me!)

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