Over the weekend, I raced around trying to conquer my to-do list. I was a tad overwhelmed by an agenda that included all the usual stuff, plus a couple of writing deadlines, a science fair project and two baseball games.

Friday night, a storm blew in and – kablooey – the lights went out.

“That scare me!” Tallulah shrieked. Beans started clamoring for a flashlight. Me? I stopped everything.

Initially, my head swam because I knew that my productivity was dashed. I mean, my laptop still had a decent charge so I suppose in a perfect world I might have written a few paragraphs … but this was definitely not a perfect world. There was no way I was getting anything done.

But then I realized I had every excuse to abandon all plans and sit on the couch snuggling with the little people, a book and a couple of flashlights between us.

Of course, Tallulah wasn’t half as interested in what we were reading as she was in the “fire” burning on the mantle – we haven’t lit many candles since she joined our world, and the one illuminating our living room was the source of obvious fascination. (And I have to insert here that there was a also tiny bit of extra light coming from Matt’s iPhone screen – further evidence he might be a little addicted to the phone he swore he’d never have. Love it!!)

Under other circumstances, severe weather would have warranted lending a nervous ear to a radio and making sure everything was in place in case we needed to cram our four selves into a tiny bathroom under the stairs. But in this case, the rain had all but stopped by the time our power went out. It was nice to just have an honest-to-goodness excuse to stop and hang out with the family.

I reveled in the warm feelings of togetherness right up to the moment when it looked like Tallulah might clobber Beans with a big metal flashlight because he got too close to her green flashing-bus-keychain (the one we got at the Earth Day Festival last month) … then I decided it would be better to go upstairs and put everyone to bed.

It was dark, after all.

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