Naptime is over

When Tallulah takes a nap, I carry around the baby monitor listening to her moan and groan and talk in her sleep – sometimes it’s tough to figure out when she’s actually awake. The telltale sign that naptime is over is when I hear, “Mama, eh are you?” come over the speaker.

You know, though, that there are always exceptions to the usual.

Tallulah had a particularly drama-filled-for-no-good-reason day yesterday. She was just plain, all-out grumpy. The only saving grace was that it was Saturday. Her brother was home instead with her instead of at school.

So when she woke up from her nap yesterday, it wasn’t Mama she was looking for. It was him.

We heard, “[Beans] eh are you?”

That made him giggle. And even though he truly enjoyed playing in a Tallulah-free zone while she slept, I’m pretty sure I saw a look of pride flit across his face as he rushed into her room and asked if she had a good sleep … and if she wanted to come downstairs and play with him and his sacred “guys.”


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