I had a good day

(This post was written in May, but for some reason it didn’t make it to the blog … just adding it now for posterity.)

One of the things I love about my girl is that she always lets you know where you stand.

She has been … challenging the last few days. I don’t know if she’s not feeling well or if she’s not well-rested or maybe if she just doesn’t like the heat (I sure don’t), but there have been tears and temperamental outbursts all over the place and it’s been no fun for any of us.

But. We went to a Travelers game Friday and she ran around with our friends’ kids and had a grand old time eating chips and “ninkin'” her water.

I tried to carry her through the crowd and out of the stadium when it was all over, but of course she balked.

“I walk,” she commanded.

I agreed that she could walk if she held my hand and when she refused I picked her up to show her I meant it. Tears, tears, tears until she told me she would hold my hand and after that, she did.

As we approached the parking lot, she had a big grin on her face.

“I had a good day,” she said. “I had a good day. I had a good day.”

The same thing happened last night when we went back downtown after a break from Riverfest to watch the fireworks.

We watched from Dickey-Stephens, and while we waited Tallulah and Beans jumping in the inflatables until those fabulously-fun places were shut down. I felt like an ogre for dragging Tallulah from the bounce house at the last possible moment. She wailed like she was being pinched, sobbing, “I wanna nump!” but I steered her toward the slide and she zoomed from the steps to the top of the slide, slid down and then started all over. Over and over. And over. Until I thought she (or at least I) would collapse. Neither of us did.

As it got dark, we gravitated toward our beach towel where Beans and Matt were hanging out and we all had a few foot-races before finally the fireworks started.

I had just pointed out a red light in the sky to Tallulah. She was gazing at the plane when the first explosion lit the sky. Tallulah scowled.

“That scare me!” she stated. And, “I don’t like that.”

No matter how much I tried to reassure her or how many times I said, ‘Oooh, look – how pretty!” she maintained her scowl and finally she just pressed her face against my neck and put my hand against her ear.

And then, two minutes before the fireworks display was over, she suddenly, without warning, announced that there was a circle.

“There’s another one!” she exclaimed. “How pretty!”

On the way home, she said over and over, “I had a good day. I had a good day.”

I guess for sweet temperamental Tallulah the good outweighed the bad.

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