It’s OK.

Since summer break started I’ve been sneaky about getting Beans to practice his reading and math skills.

You know, if I asked him to do some addition or read a book he might take that as a personal affront. I mean, we do read together, of course, but he usually balks if I just hand him a book.

So, I’m not above asking him to read a book to his sister or to retell her a story while I make his dinner or whip up a strawberry smoothie. (She doesn’t understand why he leaves out the part about the three bears seeing rabbits, frogs and turtles while they’re walking in the forest as they wait for their porridge to cool, but frankly I’m more intrigued by his supplementing the story with Iron Man and Dr. Doom.)

I’ve also sunk to promising if he finds change laying around the house he can keep it as long as he counts it and tells me how much it is.

Anyway, we might have learned the most valuable lesson of all.

I had just stepped into the garage to grab some wrapping paper for a gift we’re taking to a birthday party later today. I thought I heard crying, but Beans and Tallulah have been squabbling over his guys (those are superhero and villain action figures – duh) and I figured it was just the same old thing.

I grabbed what I needed and went back in to check, only to see that the little fold-up chair Tallulah had pulled up to watch her brother play Wii had fallen over and she had bumped her head on the coffee table of doom.

Matt had apparently come down the stairs just in time to hear Beans ask, “Do you need to go to the hospital?!”

But it was all OK, because before he checked on his possibly injured baby sister, Beans had remembered to pause his game of Mario Super Sluggers.

(Oh, and there was no lasting damage to Tallulah’s skull, either.)


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