Such offensive language!

Lots of kids have security blankets, dolls, burp cloths, whatever. But since before she was 5 months old, Tallulah has had a strong attachment to my hair. I don’t know that there are any pictures that show our “bond” but I would give just about anything now for a close-up of her tiny hand closed around my locks.

Starting at about that age, she would give me a look of abject horror and then wail if I so much as put my hair up … it was to be down at all times, ready for her to grab on to at will. It took me a little while to figure out what she was so upset about (hindsight might have led me to believe it was my wrinkles), but I finally got it and it didn’t take long for her to learn the words, “Hair off!” (which meant, ‘Get that clip/band/pin out of your hair, woman, and let it hang loose!’)

I complain about it sometimes now because while she usually just wraps her fingers around it, sometimes she PULLS and that HURTS. But still, it’s our thing and that makes it speshul.

Anyhow, yesterday we were getting ready for some facetime with one of Beans’ besties from preschool (and his sweet mom and brother) when Tallulah woke up and – yep – reached out for my hair.

Here comes a sweet moment, right?


I can’t believe what she said to me.

“I want to hold your gray hair!”

Yeah, emphasis on gray.

I could choose to believe that’s how she perceived the lighter-colored dry part of my wet hair (you know, just because blonde hair gets darker when it’s wet), but she’s known her colors for a long, long time and …oh.

Then she said, “I want to hold that one. The gray one!!!”

Really, kid?!

Help me, Katie!




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One Response to Such offensive language!

  1. This is the BEST! Gotta love the gray hair, the wrinkles and the kids who point them out to us!!!

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