He ate it.

Except he didn’t.

Beans lost his first tooth on Monday. It had been loose for a while. It was so loose, in fact, that it moved not only back and forth but side to side, as well. I tried to convince him it wouldn’t hurt to pull it, but he was having none of that. But as he ate a slice of pizza and chatted with my mom over dinner – ironically, about his tooth – she noticed it was no longer in his mouth.

He wrote a letter (and drew a picture) that night, explaining to the Tooth Fairy what went

down. And she left him $2.50 and a note about how sorry she was about what happened. She told him if he left a tooth next time that she could take back to her workshop, she would leave him twice that amount.

Now she has to pay up. I found the tooth on the floor last night. It’s a miracle really – I picked up some crumbs that I thought were from a biscuit Tallulah ate earlier and when I dropped them in a plastic trash can I heard a clunk that I was sure was too loud for a biscuit crumb. Lo and behold … the tooth.

Hey, Tooth Fairy - you owe me!

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One Response to He ate it.

  1. What a cutie! Glad you found that tooth, mama 🙂 Are you going to save them all like me, then wonder why several years later?

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