So …

The shock still hasn’t quite worn off, even though my belly is protruding like I’ve eaten a big feast of bowling balls. This baby thing really has taken us all by surprise.

I’m astonished at each ultrasound – nothing like what I felt in the last two go-rounds with the OB. I was in awe with each visit back then, but it wasn’t a surprise, exactly, to find out that there was indeed a little being growing inside me. With this one, every time the screen lights up with a picture of an honest-to-gosh baby I’m actually struck with an enlightenment: “Oh, there’s a baby in there!!!”  (Kind of makes me think of that goofy movie with Drew Barrymore meeting Adam Sandler 50 first times …) And then there’s awe.

We got to see him again today, in great detail. He gave us just a glimpse of his profile. Here he is in all his glory! (Have I mentioned he’s a he?! That puts the kibash on the argument Beans and Tallulah have been having about whether they’ll have a brother or a sister. Now, I guess, they can fight about what we’ll name him.)

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  1. So excited for you. He’s gorgeous 🙂

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