While we’re on the topic of guys in our [expanding] family, I just have to share with you a couple of pics from last weekend’s second annual Soccer Superclassico.

Does anyone know who this is?

Coach Matt

Yeah, that’s my husband, the father of one of these boys …

This pic was taken by Ben Krain and appeared in the Democrat-Gazette on Sunday.

Beans was dressed as Super Loco (As if you didn’t know that, right? Duh. Everyone knows Super Loco.)

Our last soccer game of the season was a huge to-do. There were pirates and superheroes and roadkill (Go Jack!) and zombies (Go Josh!) and vuvuzelas and candy … and LOTS of cheering. It was high energy, y’all. If you were there, you know Matt is an awesome coach who always makes sure the kids on his team have fun, above all.  At this age, that really is what it’s all about, no?

The Super Mario team had a blast this season, they learned some mad soccer skills and they showed everyone they have the heart to play and the will to win. Kick it, Super Mario!!

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