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Neighborhood watching

A while back, I shared my thoughts about nursing in public here. This morning, I dragged T out of bed at dawn, changed her diaper and strapped her in her car seat for the mad dash to kindergarten drop-off. By … Continue reading

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For real?

Is this really on the grocery store shelves? And are people really plonking down their hard-earned money for it? Wow. I guess if you’re giving your babies chocolate milk every day anyway, this could possibly be a good alternative, but … Continue reading

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Pump it up

What do you guys think about this trend? I think the story does a good job of outlining the whys and why-nots of pumping breast milk exclusively, although it does leave out a couple of key issues. For one thing, … Continue reading

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Whirli: NIP

I really don’t think any less of you if you don’t breastfeed. We all have to decide what’s best for us and our kids. For me though, it’s been amazing. I’ve read the studies that say breast milk makes babies … Continue reading

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Whirli: What a pain

About two weeks ago, Tallulah sneezed while she was nursing, and her bottom teeth – the only two she has – pierced my breast. I know. OUCH. Naturally, nursing was painful after that, but I chalked it up to a … Continue reading

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