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Over the weekend, I raced around trying to conquer my to-do list. I was a tad overwhelmed by an agenda that included all the usual stuff, plus a couple of writing deadlines, a science fair project and two baseball games. … Continue reading

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My decision

I was at a social gathering a few nights ago with several people I’ve known for a long time, and a few who don’t know me at all. We watched The Heart to Lead, a film about the potential of … Continue reading

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Time travel

I haven’t watched a lot of movies in the last, oh … five years or so. When my kids are occupied (which usually means they’re sleeping), I work. Honestly, I feel guilty even taking a few minutes to paint my … Continue reading

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City kids see nature

A couple of years ago, Beans went through a phase where he asked me what the woods looked like. He has been in the woods before, but it had been too long (two months is too long, right?) and he … Continue reading

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I love being a mom – and I love being with my kids. But there are also lots of things I miss about my life before they were around. Being able to shower in peace is one thing I miss. … Continue reading

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Twitter bits

My husband and his friends have fairly regular political debates and I usually duck and cover. I avoid those “conversations” at all costs. But. He was telling me about a recent discussion in his group, similar to one that’s been … Continue reading

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Feeling crummy

I’ve been feeling crummy for the last couple of months. Yep, about eight weeks. Sore and swollen gland under my right ear, intermittent throbbing ear pain, achy jaw, dizziness and unbelievable fatigue. And a couple of days ago, sore throat … Continue reading

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